Made Of Earth Promo Video

Made Of Earth Promo Video

Made Of Earth - Move Me

Unmixed Version

Photo Video - Made Of Earth - Have Mercy

Made Of Earth - Have Mercy

Monica Dedmon - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Royce Moreland - Lead Guitar

William Bailey - Drums

Steve Schoener - Bass

Danny K. Morrison Jr. of River City Rock-N-Roll - Photography

Video - Made Of Earth - Behold The Moon

Made Of Earth - Performs Behold The Moon at West end Trading Company.

Monica Dedmon - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Royce Moreland - Lead Guitar

William Bailey - Drums

Tim Donovan - Keyboards

Steve Schoener - Bass

Danny K. Morrison Jr. of River City Rock-N-Roll - Videographer

Made Of Earth Bio


About Us

Made Of Earth was cemented together through a love of faith, family,  and an unrelenting passion for creating music that stirs the soul within us all.

Made Of Earth are strongly influenced by such legends of Rock-N-Roll as: Led Zeppelin, Heart, Rainbow (Dio days), Pink Floyd and Soundgarden. Despite sharing many of the same musical influences, they are inspired by their vast connection of expansive creativity that pushes them to work seamlessly within an emotionally intravenous invigoration.

The music of Made Of Earth blends the tempestuous authority of hard rock, sweeping melodies, deep swells, acoustic accents, and soulful blues to create a unique sound that insists on movement of the mind, body, and soul.   The lyrics of lead vocalist and songrwriter, Monica Dedmon are an introspective journey inspired by the power and essence designed by nature that moves us all: The entrancing Moon, the authority of the Sun, speculative Stars, the moving tides, the unfathomable depths of the ocean, and the love of which all of these were built upon.

During her musical career, Monica was primarily a lead vocalist for many regional acts. It then became her desire to create a welcoming musical environment for those often pushed to the wayside. Prior to bringing her Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, and Songwriting to Central Florida, this  Jacksonville, Florida native, Monica Dedmon, toured nationally as a solo artist from 2016 through 2018 performing primarily for community outreach programs and charity events for homeless veterans as a Contemporary Music Artist and BMI Affiliate.

It was in October of 2018 when Monica was introduced to the Lead Guitarist, Royce Moreland, formerly of the national touring act, Fortress.   It was an immediate friendship bonded by their strong mutual desire to create an original sound. After the meeting of SoleTone Cymbal endorsee and drummer, William Bailey formerly of the acclaimed band, Three Of A Mind, the foundation of Made Of Earth was created but not yet complete.   It was when Monica, Royce, and Bill meet the highly talented and skilled keyboardist Tim Donovan when they began to solidify the Made Of Earth original sound. Touring 10 years with the Southern Rock heavy hitter's,  Molly Hatchet, Tim Donovan brought a magnitude of creativity to the newly formed family.   The search was still on for the perfect bassist and he was found in the New Jersey raised Steve Schoener with the mad bass skills clearly influenced by John Enwistle. With this 5 member band of massive creative talent, Made Of Earth are on their way to breaking ground and shattering the stratosphere with their bold live performances.  Made Of Earth have spent 6 months thus far in 2019 recording their debut album with owner, engineer, and producer, Bobby Croft.   Croft is no stranger to the U.S. and the international music scene. His ability to apply subtle nuances and aggressive progressions are pleasing and powefully orchestrated holding the balance between artist and producer.  Within the sound from Made Of Earth, you will hear confidence and humility intertwined in an unrelenting force.   The Made Of Earth debut album is coming soon!

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